Travel Bottle

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Carry your favorite Vapor Vapes E-Juices on the go with our Travel Bottle!

Or, use to start building your next DIY e-liquid.

Plastic bottles will come in a PE bottle with a drip tip style. Glass bottles will come in either amber (50ml & 100ml) or clear (30ml), with a glass eye dropper.

Having a travel bottle eliminates any need to lug around one of our bigger size bottles. We cannot recommend ordering one of these enough, they can be a true life saver.

  1. 5 out of 5 Carolee

    Pros: Love it great for travel.

    Cons: Can’t think of one

  2. 3 out of 5 Heather

    Pros: doesn't leak and fits enough liquid while out and about

    Cons: hard to get the little cap off and on to fill the bottle

  3. 1 out of 5 Gabe

    Pros: cheap

    Cons: everything

    Final Thoughts: couldnt even figure out how to fill it. its not as pictured, not an eye drop thing at all. its a squeeze one. vaporvapes has been exquisite in everything else but this is off

  4. 1 out of 5 Benjamin Minkler

    Pros: Vapor Vapes has exceeded my expectations on everything else I have gotten from them(except for this product)...three of these were only $2.10, so I don't have to bother sending them back

    Cons: ## PRODUCT NOT AS PICTURED## this is just the standard plastic squeeze bottle that the juices come in....I already have more than enough empty ones...buying three more was stupid!

    Final Thoughts: the picture shows a white plastic bottle with the 'eye-dropper' top I personally prefer the 'eye-dropper' (to the squeeze bottle), but they are a glass bottle....I saw these and thought it would be great to have a few small plastic bottles with the 'eye-dropper' that I could carry with me on the go(in my suitcase when traveling, out to the boat, or just in pocket over to the shop) as I don't want to drop and break a glass bottle (especially on the boat) and don't like the squeeze bottle....what was pictured seemed perfect, but THAT'S NOT WHAT I GOT ....I do order my resupply of juices in the plastic bottles and just transfer the juice into my old glass bottles​ I already have too many empty plastic squeeze bottles laying around if I wanted to use them, but I don't ...I keep thinking this must have been a mistake, and that someone at Vapor Vapes just sent me the wrong thing, but for $2 it's not worth the hassle...for such a great company they have to know that even doing one small jinky thing like this can damage buyer confidence even tho 99.9% in everything else I've gotten from them has been fantastic oh, I had to recheck to see if there was something in the product description, and it was just my fault for not realizing that the picture didn't match...but nope, I was misslead or was shipped the wrong thing bottom line is that it's silly for them to offer this product if it's just the empty squeeze bottles that the juices come in, everyone would already have those with no need to replace one.....but it would be great if they had the product pictured

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