Fiery Fusion E-Juice

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fiery fusion e-juice

Fiery Fusion E-Juice

Our Fiery Fusion E-Juice is our own special twist on Dr. Pepper. We add in a little hint of plum and blackberry to create a unique and remarkably delicious taste. We have a fiery passion for this E-Juice here at Vapor Vapes, as it makes for a refreshing, all day vape. You’ll really notice the cola soda-like taste to it,  but the sweet & tart fruit flavors balance it out. Enjoy this E-Juice with your lunch or on it’s own!

Vapor Vapes Suggestions:

Mix- 50/50 Best Mix or 25/75 Max Vapor

Flavoring- Regular Flavor 10%

Dessert- Vanilla Light (only if you want a creamier taste)


Please add additional options at your own risk! May create for too strong of a taste. 

This has been a Review From Chris at Vapor Vapes. Master Mix Artist.

All liquids are made in the State of California
Always  remember to shake well before using.

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  1. 4 out of 5

    Pros: Very good taste, Not sure i would say it taste like Dr. Pepper but it is still enjoyable and unique. Will order it again.

    Cons: None

  2. 5 out of 5

    Pros: This is a flavor all on its own and the only one that comes close to as good as mountain dew flavor Love it, smokes good, taste good I would say this is a must try

    Cons: NONE

    Final Thoughts: Maybe needs extra flavor and sweetener but good as is also

  3. 5 out of 5

    Pros: Taste: very good and fruity Smoke: i bought the cloud-chaser version, and it creates incredible clouds while maintaining consistency and flavor!

    Cons: I bought too little