Screwdriver E-Juice

A strong citrus vape that is guaranteed to burst onto your tastebuds. You may also notice a tiny vanilla sweetness inside this e-juice.

We don’t know how we come up some of these e-juices… Our Screwdriver E-Juice is a fine blend of orange juice and vodka. This is for those who like to experiment with their e-juice.

Both of the flavors inside Screwdriver have such strong and rich tones that it almost just drills right into your tastebuds. In a good way, of course. This e-liquid burns easy and will keep your coils lasting longer.

Disclaimer: There is no alcohol in this e-juice. 

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Screwdriver Mixes Well With:

Orange Limeade E-Juice: It gives a stronger citrus/orange flavor.

Heavenly Orange E-Juice: A stronger citrus/orange flavor.

Tangerine E-Juice: A stronger citrus vape.

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