Spree E-Juice

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A crazy fruit candy vape that has a complex blend of flavors. You’ll taste a little of strawberry, lime, blueberry, and more with this e-liquid.

What is Spree E-Juice exactly? It is a candy flavored E-Juice that even Willy Wonka would be proud of. You’ll taste sweetened versions of cherry, lime, lemon, strawberry, and more.  Spree E-Juice is what we like to call a hybrid flavor, creating a complex and sweet taste.

Spree was created by mistake, but, after countless revisions, we have found an amazing candy vape.

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Mixes Well With:

Cotton Candy E-Juice: This mix makes for a strong fruit candy flavor that has a nice creaminess to it.

Grapy E-Juice: It adds a nice grape feeling, almost like a grape candy e-juice.

Lemon Limeade E-Juice: A citrus candy vape with a refreshing feel.

Your E-Juice:

  • 100% Food Grade Kosher Propylene Glycol (PG) & Vegetable Glycerin (VG).
    • You can choose from 5 different PG/VG ratios to fit your current needs and preferences.
  • 99.9% Pure Pharmaceutical Grade Nicotine.
    • Available in 7 strengths to easily work your way down.
  • Locally made flavoring to ensure quality. 

All e-liquids handcrafted in the USA. 

Free shipping on USA orders above $50. 

Vapor Vapes— Producing Premium Quality E-Juice Since 2012

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  1. 1 out of 5 John

    Pros: Nothing really.

    Cons: Not anything like spree (my own opinion) Kinda tastes like tequila

    Final Thoughts: Not my cup of tea, well at least this flavor. I was really excited about this one cause I love spree. This flavor though tastes like tequila/margarita of some sorts. Kinda bummed, every other flavor I've got from this company has been top notch, but this one falls short of my expectaions. Keep up the good work! Not losing this customer over one off flavor!!

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