Lychee Remix E-Juice

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Lychee Remix E-Juice

Our Lychee Remix E-Juice is almost an exact replica of the real Lychee – sweet and delicate. This flavor stimulates your taste buds. Similar to a combination of Pear and Grape.  The crisp juicy fruit of a lychee fruit is white or pinkish with the consistency of a grape, but the taste is sweeter. This juice is a 60% PG-40% VG blend.

So, lets move together towards playing with this essence by mixing it with some of our secret flavors to produce this Lychee Remix E-Juice. Lychee is known for it’s tart and sweet flavor, this e-juice has become one of our best seller due to it’s unique taste and delivers a very satisfying flavor for your vaporizer!

Please be aware Extra flavoring, Tobacco, Menthol and Sweetener  are completely optional, they  might make some flavors too strong. Add it on your own responsibility.

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This has been a Review From Chris at Vapor Vapes. Master Mix Artist.

All liquids are made in the State of California

Always  remember to shake well before using

  1. 5 out of 5

    Pros: Man, i'm just gonna lay it out there bro, this Lychee right here dawg, got 100%V on that quick status, na mean? Oh yea? You like it? Yea, me too. Swag.

    Cons: Bought a 50ml bottle, instead of a 500ml.

    Final Thoughts: レイシ

  2. 2 out of 5

    Pros: sweet inhale..

    Cons: Tastes and smells like nasty feet on the exhale! will not smoke! I am hoping the jack lychee is better and doesnt stink out the room i vape in

  3. 5 out of 5

    Pros: A very fruitfully taste. I like waking up and vaping on this juice with my morning cup of tea. This flavor mixed well with my Mango and Dragonfruit flavors.

    Cons: None