Mary Jane E-Juice

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An earthy mary jane taste with a slight taste of citrus to match some of your favorite strains. This e-juice does not contain any ingredients derived from the cannabis plant.

Our Mary Jane E-Juice has a strong and earthy taste, and it is definitely is not for everyone. It has a very earthy-feel with a slight berry-minty taste. Mary Jane is smooth and is an excellent evening vape.

We tried experimenting with this flavor, and the jury is still out on it. The earthy and minty taste provides for a relaxing experience.

You may also pick up notes of tangerine citrus that aim to match your favorite strains.

Disclaimer: No ingredients in our Mary Jane E-Juice are derived from the cannabis plant.

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Mary Jane Mixes Well With:

Tangerine E-Juice: This adds a hint of citrus to Mary Jane

Juicy E-JuiceThis is surprisingly a good mix together, adds a sweeter taste.

Blueberry E-Juice: Blueberry yum yum anyone?

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