Windrose by Hcigar

Windrose by Hcigar

Full Stainless Steel Body with Brass Accents or Brass Body with Stainless Steel accents.

Copper Pins

Includes 18350, 18500, and 18650 tubes

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Steb’s Review

When it comes to mechanical mods the first thing I go for is the button. Hcigar nailed that in this Windrose replica. Excellent threading and a solid build make this mod a stunner. With a smooth magnetic switch and all three tube options the Windrose is great for vapers of all levels. The two stage adjustable top pin allows for almost any atty and battery setup out there. The two tone is a really nice touch. Keep in mind, magnetic switches should be kept in a higher ohm range. Super sub ohming will affect the magnets hold. I don’t know why exactly but it does. It’s science! In Brass or Stainless this mod is great.

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