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The IGO-W is a 510 threaded Rebuildable Dripping Atomizer. The 510 threading allows the use of this atomizer on most ecigs with a 510 or eGo thread connection. It has a sealed battery connector, and a stainless steel body and base and features a three post setup and dual air intake holes. This makes the IGO-W the perfect dripper for multiple configurations from single coil, to dual coils. Phillips head screws for connection on the positive/negative connection posts.

The IGO-W will work with most 510 style driptips.
The rebuildable dripping style atomizer is only for advanced users who can build their own wicks, and coils. If you are not comfortable with this, and or using a meter to ensure a proper coil we do not suggest purchasing this atomizer.
We will not be responsible for any damage to any equipment etc… from the use of this atomizer. Please use caution when building or using this product.


Steb Review

This was one of the first RDA’s I ever owned. The Igo-L was the single coil variation that put rebuildable drip atty’s in peoples hands for a reasonable price. The Igo-W continues the Igo-L’s legacy as an easy to build, simple and effective product. The post holes are large enough to accommodate most dual coil builds using a medium gauge wire. (30,28,26). While the airflow is limited it is a tremendous value and a great starter drip atomizer. I’ve seen a good amount of modification to this atty and while I don’t recommend it, it can be quite effective. A simple 28 gauge, dual coil, center post build is still a thing of beauty, but most importantly it’s delivers excellent vapor and flavor.

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