Blue Cotton E-Juice

Rated 3.60 out of 5 based on 5 customer ratings
(5 Customer Ratings)

Blue Cotton E-Juice is that great cotton candy flavor with a blueberry twist.

Creamy, light, and sweet. Blue Cotton is a flavor that you can enjoy all day long. Each draw is the taste of sweet blueberry that becomes even more enjoyable with a creamy exhale.

No sticky fingers or mess to clean, instead a great vape to enjoy.

Appease your taste buds with Blue Cotton E-Juice.

Find the perfect nicotine strength to fit your needs with a wide selection of options. You can even order your e-juice with no nicotine.

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Please be aware that this e-liquid may be freshly mixed and could use some steep time.
  1. 4 out of 5 Lori
  2. 5 out of 5 Brandon
  3. 2 out of 5 TAMMY

    Pros: sweet...

    Final Thoughts: meh. to me it was more like cotton balls not cotton candy. unclear what the BLUE flavor is meant to be? sure was not like blue snowcone or popsicle (as expected) sweet yes, but something of a letdown from expectation. had to mix with blue raspberry or strawberry to use this one up!

  4. 5 out of 5 Roger

    Pros: cotton candy is always good

    Cons: none

    Final Thoughts: sweeter the better for me

  5. 2 out of 5 Alex

    Pros: Has vaporvapes good quality of juice.

    Cons: Didn't taste like blue cotton candy and had a weird taste. I ordered 13% flavor and it didn't taste right. Also, the biggest con was that it seemed super watered down.

    Final Thoughts: I ordered the regular cotton candy last time and it was way better then this flavor. I was pretty disappointed in how watered down it was and it seems to burn a lot faster then other juice. I will stick with the original cotton candy for now accept I hope to God its not watered down now as well because I can't afford to have to buy more quantity. That's why I buy online is for the price break but now a days the price is pretty much the same if you buy in stores and the in store name brand quality is wayyyyy better juice.

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