Delta Tank II by Joyetech

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Delta Tank II Clearomizer by Joyetech

The revolutionary Delta Ⅱ features a new type of sub ohm coil called Liquid Valve Control (LVC) coils. These allow you to close or open the holes to control the flow. This also allows the Delta Ⅱ be used on a wide range from 20 watts to 45 watts, high VG or high PG, and still maintain good flow and excellent flavor. Delta II keeps the smooth adjustable airflow controller the previous versions had. The rich stainless design of this tank gives it a unique style, and the drip tip features 2 o-rings and a delrin base for insulation from heat.

Delta Ⅱ can use an optional RBA head (not included) so you can rebuild your own coils.
Delta II LVC (Liquid Valve Control) Coil, with 0.5ohm resistance, features organic cotton. To adjust liquid flow to the coil just rotate the ring on the head clockwise or counterclockwise.

Note: Please only use with a suitable battery for sub ohm coils, at least 20 Amp IMR or a regulated device.

Vapor Vapes Review: 

The Delta II excels in a lot of spots. Vapor production and flavor with the stock heads are fantastic. Tons of vapor with the airflow wide, open sitting on an Eleaf 20 Watt and most importantly zero dry hits.

The liquid valve control is a nice feature but so far I’ve kept it open the entire time and haven’t had any gurgling or flooding like I have with other similar tanks. Having the option to adjust the valve is a nice feature for those of you who prefer 100% PG or VG. It’s sturdy, well constructed and probably the best-looking clearo currently on the market. I know that is entirely subjective but how can you not like the look? Now for the negatives. Fears not there are only a few. For one it can be a bit of a challenge to fill without a small dispensing tip. I’d recommend the bottles we carry or a needle tip.

Viewing your liquid level can be a little difficult but that’s a minor complaint. Lastly the airflow control while great in design whistles loudly in certain positions. I keep mine wide open and that eliminates that entirely. However, if you like a tighter draw, you’re going to have to find a sweet spot that doesn’t whistle.

One final feature that is optional is the RBA base. If you like the flexibility of rebuilding your own coil and using your own wick then the RBA base is an excellent addition.

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