Plume Veil by VCeego

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Plume Veil by VCeego

The Plume Veil RDA (rebuildable drip atomizer) clone is one unique design. First, the atomizer is equipped with three separate airflow sources; air flows in front of the coil with AFC (air flow control). Second, is the air holes through the negative posts to channel air to the back side of the coil. Third, the air holes located in the top of the cap to create a vacuum effect. While a good portion of the atomizer is made from stainless steel construction, the negative posts are milled into the deck and with gold plated along with the center contact pin for superior performance. The stainless steel, rotating “T” center post can accommodate a multitude of different builds. The large bored post holes provides thick or twisted wire coil setups effortless, while the high heat insulator surrounding the center the post and black delrin attached on the top cap allows it to withstand high temperatures. A matching drip tip that is supplied, a 22mm diameter will definitely make your mod complete.

Steb’s Review

Another great replica. The VCeego Plume Veil is a 4 post, rebuildable dream. Plenty of innovation here folks. Airflow from the top sides and the bottom. If you’re looking for a cloudy day then this is the atomizer for you. The large post holes make working with lower, often larger gauge, wire a breeze. Ideal for those center post builds but you can get creative as you want due to a large deck. I currently have a dual coil 28g build sitting on a DNA 30 and it’s fantastic. 


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