eGo ONE Starter Kit by Joyetech

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Joye eGo ONE Starter Kit

Petite yet powerful, the eGo ONE is the One device for everyone. The eGo ONE is petite in appearance, as long as a real cigarette, but is powerful enough to produce vaporing cloud. The eGo ONE is 510 threaded and has a adjustable airflow valve. Rotate the ring on the atomizer base clockwise to decrease the air inflow, and counterclockwise to enlarge the air inflow. The eGo One kit has two drip tips included, a metal and glass version with thermal insulation.

The eGo ONE comes in two different sizes, 1100 mAh and 2200 mAh. It is your personal preference on which one you prefer. Do you want a sleek and concealable device which is convenient to carry? Or do you prefer a longer lasting device with all the same great features and aesthetics? The choice is yours.

The eGo ONE stands out from different kinds of e-cig products by using two types of changeable atomizer head to cater for different vaping methods. Also there are two types of battery for you to choose: 1100mah and 2200mah.

eGo ONE CL 1.0 ohm is especially suitable for mouth inhale. It mimics the feeling of taking a puff of a real cigarette. With its tighter draw, it is perfect for people wants the sensation of a real cigarette.

eGo ONE CL 0.5ohm The sub ohm coil can easily create huge vapor production. With its loose draw, it is perfect for any cloud chasing enthusiast.
The Primary Features of The eGo ONE

The eGo ONE is charged through a Micro USB Port via a computer or a wall adapter with the USB cable. It can also work as a pass-through device for simultaneous vaping and charging. The battery must contain a small charge before it can be used in this way. If you’re using the battery quicker than it can charge, the battery will shutoff. We suggest charging the battery for 10-15 minutes before using it.

ON/OFF battery switch:
Press the power button five times in rapid succession to turn on the eGo ONE. Once the eGo ONE is on, hold down the power button to activate the atomizer and vape. When the eGo ONE is not in use, press the power button five times in succession to power off the device. Always power off the eGo ONE when it is not being used, or when it is going to be stored in a pocket, bag or purse.

Battery capacity:
The eGo ONE has a built-in mAh polymer Li-Ion rechargeable battery available in 1100 mAh or 2200 mAh.

15 second cutoff:
If the activation button is held for 15 seconds or longer the device will stop firing until the button is released and pressed again.

Low voltage warning:
The indicator light will continue blinking when the battery capacity is lower than 3.3V and the device will power off automatically.

Short circuit protection:
Short circuit protection protects the device against shorted atomizers and will stop the unit from functioning in unsafe conditions.

Battery display function:
The light indicator will flash slowly or stay lit when battery level is high, and the light will flash with frequency if low.

Battery quantity Light condition
60% – 100% Stay lit
30% – 59% Slowly flashes
10% – 29% Moderately flashes
0 – 9% Flashes in frequency

The battery light flashes red when charging or connecting with USB, and goes out in 5 seconds when it is fully charged.


•    510 Threaded
•    2.5ml Capacity Tank
•    Operating Voltage: 3.3 – 4.2 V
•    Stainless steel construction
•    Available in 1100 mAh or 2200 mAh
•    Adjustable airflow control valve
•    Low voltage protection
•    Short circuit protection
•    Minimum Resistance: 0.5 ohms
•    Dimensions:5-3/8″ x 3/4″D (Including Drip Tip)

Steb’s Review

I was only able to spend a few days with the eGo One. That is because a friend stole it. Regardless, without question I can say it’s good. How good? Well if starter kits were this good when I started vaping in 2008 I wouldn’t have had a single relapse. I consider myself an advanced vaper. When I say that I don’t mean I’m better at it than anyone else I simply mean I’ve been doing it a long time and have tried almost everything under the sun. I can say with certainty this is a product that would satisfy almost any vapers needs.

Here’s why. It’s easy to use, easy to adjust, produces an unbelievable amount of vapor for such a small product, the flavor is great, and one thing I’m a real stickler about; it did not produce a single dry hit. Out the box the 1 ohm head performed well with 50/50 liquid. I then changed it out for 100% VG. Same results. With the .5 ohm head it absolutely astounded me. I could enter a cloud comp with it and probably advance past the 1st round. The flavor is money!

I would recommend this to just about anyone. It’s compact, so even advanced vapers who would rather keep it stealthy have a reason to pick one up. For the noobs…this thing is going to change the way people enter the vaping world.

You can tell Joyetech has been spending some pretty heavy coin on R&D as of late. The battery life on the 1100 unit is great and the fact that it can be used as a pass-through is a tremendous advantage. Rumor has it there are new “color” versions hitting the market shortly. You can bet I will be picking up one or two.


  1. 5 out of 5 Chris