Strawberry – DIY Flavor Concentrate

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(71 Customer Ratings)

Our Strawberry DIY flavor concentrate is a punch-packing flavor that harmoniously blends the sugary sweetness and slight citrus sourness this plump berry is famed for. It’s a versatile flavor that can be enjoyed as a standalone vape juice or can be added to your own custom fruit, candy or dessert mixes to elevate the taste. Alternatively combine our Strawberry flavor concentrate with Pure Menthol to create a sweet and frosty, berry-menthol vape juice.

Key Flavors: Strawberry
Base Component: Propylene Glycol

Strawberry is also available as a Premixed E-Liquid.

Tip: Don't forget to add PG/VG Base to mix your own e-juice.

More about our DIY Concentrates

Vapor Vapes DIY Flavor Concentrates provide an effortless way to mix premium quality vape juice in a variety of flavors from the comfort of your home. The best part? No recipe needed! It’s the same great, handcrafted flavor our E-Liquid range has to offer but at low pricing that suits any vaping budget. All of our DIY concentrates are made from locally sourced, USP food-grade flavoring.

Benefits of DIY:

  • A cheaper alternative to vape juice, without sacrificing the premium quality you’ve come to expect from our E-Liquids.
  • Control your flavor strength by simply adjusting the amount of flavoring you use.
  • 5ml of DIY flavor concentrate mixes approximately 50ml E-Liquid, so you can make a little go a long way.
  • 145 Ready to mix & vape flavors for you to enjoy.
  • Create your own flavor combinations and recipes.
  • No added sweeteners. See our DIY Sweetener.

For more information on Vapor Vapes products, tips and fixes visit or contact us for assistance.

Warning: Please do not vape concentrated flavor on its own. Dilute before use!

DIY e-liquid can be a very cost-effective and rewarding experience. You have the ability to create your own personal flavor and adjust it as you please. And our range of handcrafted DIY flavor concentrates makes it easier than ever.

The DIY basics:

Instructions on how to mix your DIY vape juice:

  1. Gather up your supplies.
  2. For a rough estimate of flavoring you can squeeze approximately 10% of the DIY flavor concentrate into your travel bottle by using this quick mixing trick:
    1. A 30ml bottle will need 60 drops of flavor.
    2. A 60ml will need 120 drops, and so forth.
  3. Fill the rest of the travel bottle with the PG/VG base.
  4. Screw on the bottle cap and give it a good shake.
  5. For the best results allow your E-Juice to steep for a few days/weeks. (Optional)

For more tips & tricks on mixing your own vape juice, check out the official Vapor Vapes Mixing Guide.

  1. 4 out of 5 Skyler

    Pros: Good flavour

    Cons: Just want a good flavour for me

  2. 5 out of 5 Jennifer
  3. 4 out of 5 Barbara

    Pros: Very good juice

    Cons: Bottles leak EVERY SINGLE TIME and not just a little bit. You have to deal with it or pay extra for glass or buy they suggest you buy the 500 ml which uses a different bottle (expensive)

    Final Thoughts: I’m not sure at this point ….

  4. 5 out of 5 Tammi

    Pros: Yummy

    Cons: None

    Final Thoughts: Love the flavors

  5. 5 out of 5 Firas

    Pros: Great product and fast delivery. Get extra shot of flavor and enjoy

    Cons: None

    Final Thoughts: The flavor is great I had two extra shots and tested amazing

  6. 1 out of 5 jason

    Pros: Fast service

    Cons: No strawberry taste at all , taste like gum a little bit ,but really no taste at all

    Final Thoughts: Worst vape juice I ever had

  7. 5 out of 5 Andrew
  8. 5 out of 5 Jennifer

    Pros: Sweet and tart. Very refreshing

    Cons: None

    Final Thoughts: Very nice!

  9. 5 out of 5 Zackary
  10. 5 out of 5 Tim

    Pros: Amazing taste

    Cons: None

    Final Thoughts: Will continue to use regularly

  11. 5 out of 5 Chauntelle A

    Pros: I like the taste of this strawberry. Will order again.

    Cons: None

  12. 5 out of 5 Daniel

    Pros: Not too sweet but flavor was accurate

    Cons: None

    Final Thoughts: Thank you

  13. 5 out of 5 Christopher

    Pros: Crazy quick delivery. Smooth hits and a great flavor. Best I’ve been able to find in the last several year.

    Cons: Should have gotten the extra shot of flavor.

    Final Thoughts: This is the juice I’ll be using for a long time.

  14. 5 out of 5 Lenora

    Pros: Exactly what I was looking for Thanks!

  15. 5 out of 5 Michelle

    Pros: Good flavor

    Cons: None

  16. 5 out of 5 Bethany

    Pros: The best!!! I vape it alone

  17. 4 out of 5 Joyce
  18. 5 out of 5 Sharon
  19. 5 out of 5 Jennifer
  20. 5 out of 5 Nicole

    Pros: My all day everyday vape!

    Final Thoughts: Seriously! I have waited 2 years and 15 companies to find a Strawberry that I like. I will hunt you down if you ever ever take this away from me! :)-. I use a caliburn g with .8 ohm with a 70/30 pg/vg 12mg Strawberry 3x shot. It's my heaven on earth. Hits like a dream. Thank you!!!!!!!!!

  21. 5 out of 5 Kim

    Pros: love that I can customize my 50/50 PG/VG!

  22. 4 out of 5 Deborah
  23. 5 out of 5 Roxanne

    Pros: Beautiful flavor!

  24. 5 out of 5 Amanda

    Pros: I love it!

    Cons: The bottle is crazy hard to open and squeeze.

    Final Thoughts: I'll keep ordering though, I appreciate your business.

  25. 4 out of 5 Robert

    Pros: Good Juice

  26. 5 out of 5 Demetris

    Pros: Flavor is good!

    Cons: Wish it had alittle more 🍓 flavor.

    Final Thoughts: Flavor was really good. Wish it had alittle more strawberry to it 💯

  27. 4 out of 5 Michael

    Pros: Good nic hit @12mg, right amount of vapor, tastes is OK (single flavor hit) price is reasonable. The 500ml bottle has good nozzle to fill your portable 15ml/30ml bottles around. 250ml bottles will have to be trimmed a bit due to incredibly small nozzle-reseal with plastic bag under lid (make air-tight after nozzle trim).

    Cons: Not much discount for 500ml vs 250ml. It tasted like product was beginning to mature by the time the 500ml bottle was getting low.

    Final Thoughts: is one of best on-line vape shops left after federal government hatchet job.

  28. 5 out of 5 Nicole

    Pros: Perfect strawberry

    Final Thoughts: Happy Happy Happy!

  29. 5 out of 5 Pete
  30. 5 out of 5 Leonard
  31. 5 out of 5 Eric

    Pros: Taste Great, Will Order again, Thank You.

    Cons: none

  32. 5 out of 5 Brent

    Pros: Absolutely fantastic. Sour, sweet, deep, and delicious. Big win.

  33. 5 out of 5 david

    Pros: Favorite

  34. 5 out of 5 Kevin

    Pros: I like the strawberry flavor

    Cons: Dont have any cons

    Final Thoughts: Pleasantly surprised. I look forward to trying a few other flavors you have

  35. 5 out of 5 Christina
  36. 5 out of 5 Tabitha
  37. 5 out of 5 Joshua
  38. 5 out of 5 Stephanie M

    Pros: Very flavorful

    Cons: Not strawberry enough

    Final Thoughts: Good juice

  39. 5 out of 5 Robert
  40. 5 out of 5 Robert
  41. 5 out of 5 Brenda
  42. 4 out of 5 Dawn
  43. 5 out of 5 Kristi

    Pros: SO GOOD! The flavor of this is excellent. The problem you run into with watermelon and strawberry (and some other flavors) is that they taste so very fake and chemically. This is not happening with strawberry for me. It tastes almost like a really flavorful strawberry gum.

    Final Thoughts: Delicious! Would order again if this wasn't my last bottle lol

  44. 5 out of 5 Megan


  45. 5 out of 5 Elana
  46. 5 out of 5 heather
  47. 3 out of 5 William

    Pros: ok but missing true flavor

    Cons: flavor could use some tweaking

    Final Thoughts: ok but flavor & intensity is a little off

  48. 5 out of 5 Reagan
  49. 4 out of 5 Justin
  50. 5 out of 5 Tracy
  51. 5 out of 5 TAMMY

    Pros: delicious

    Cons: none

  52. 5 out of 5 Andrew

    Pros: Best flavor I've purchased.

  53. 2 out of 5 Tamara

    Pros: Closest one I've found that tastes like strawberry.

    Cons: I ordered this counting on all the positive reviews I read but unfortunately was really disappointed.

    Final Thoughts: Maybe I'll let it steep for a while and see if it gets any better...Fingers crossed:)

  54. 4 out of 5 Roger

    Pros: its Strawberry

    Cons: im not a Strawberry fan but wanted to try it

    Final Thoughts: its great if you like Strawberries

  55. 5 out of 5 Michelle
  56. 3 out of 5 Anita

    Pros: Fast shipping. Great prices

    Cons: It didn't taste much like strawberry.

  57. 5 out of 5 William

    Pros: Good flavor sweet wonderful juice

    Cons: None

  58. 5 out of 5 Mohammed

    Pros: Very good flavor. I will order again

    Cons: none

    Final Thoughts: I will definetly buy it again

  59. 5 out of 5 Jason

    Pros: Good flavour got the extra extra

    Cons: too sweet to have all day every day, but I didn't get it for that anyway

  60. 5 out of 5 Robbin

    Pros: I like the strawberry with extra flavor added. I also like the price on large bottle, and it ships really quick

  61. 4 out of 5 Roger

    Pros: Good fruity vape, tastes to me like Strawberry Twizzlers or something like that.

    Cons: Was looking for more of a fresh strawberry flavor but its no big deal cause it still tastes great.

  62. 3 out of 5 Forrest

    Pros: Flavor is not bad.

    Cons: Granted all flavors are artificial, but this tastes pretty artificial.

  63. 5 out of 5 Simon

    Pros: This is the most amazing thing I've ever tasted. I got this in 50/50 pg/vg, 12 mg nicotine, and extra extra flavor. I loaded it into my kayfun lite plus clone and vaped away. Best flavor to ever come out of that.

  64. 2 out of 5 Daniel

    Pros: I added wintergreen to this and it made it worthwhile.

    Cons: Flavor is either weak like the others I bought here or the wintergreen overpowered it. Probably a combination of both.

    Final Thoughts: I ordered the extra flavor when this ran out. Added wintergreen again. We will see if there's any improvement if the post office ever delivers my order. It's been a week already. WTF...I live in Colorado and the juice ships from California. I pay for two day delivery and 6 days later still my mailbox is empty. Not happy at all.

  65. 5 out of 5 William

    Pros: This is a favorite for me. Nice strong flavor. Tastes like there's real fruit juice in it.

  66. 4 out of 5 Randy

    Pros: Very good flavor. I will order again

    Cons: None

  67. 5 out of 5 Daniel

    Pros: You can taste the great flavor of strawberry as you inhale and exhale.

    Cons: NONE

    Final Thoughts: I will definetly buy it again

  68. 5 out of 5 Cortney

    Pros: Great taste added the wintergreen to it and it's amazing

    Cons: None

  69. 4 out of 5 Leland

    Pros: Closest one i have found that is almost like eating real strawberries.

    Cons: None

  70. 5 out of 5 Alexis

    Pros: This is the best flavor. Exactly like strawberries.

    Cons: not at all

  71. 5 out of 5 fred

    Pros: Nice Smooth taste!!